Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anther one!

Well I thought I had them all but....I have found another son. I had come across a couple of entries in Papers Past where Anne was traveling around the country with more children than I had accounted for. I kept searching records both birth and death thinking maybe there had been an infant that had died young.
Then I noticed that there was a John James Austen buried at Waikumete not only was his occupation listed as "seaman" but he is buried quite close to Captain John and Anne's plot. I doubled checked the Austins and found him.
John James Austen was born on the 17th March 1861 in Auckland. He was registered as John Austin by his grandmother Hannah Wilcox. I assume that Hannah could not read or write as she "signed" the form with a cross as her "mark". Perhaps that is why the name was spelled wrong.
John James died at age 37 on the 24th November 1898. So he died before Captain John.
The next bit of sleuthing will be to see if he married and had any family.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Family matters

Well it has taken some time but at last I have identified the children of Captain John Austen and Anne Wilcox. Over 26 years they had 9 children!

Mary Jane Austen was born 16th October 1859 in Auckland. In 1880 she married John Edward Ward and had numerous offspring:
her death notice lists Ada; Mabel; Leah; Blanche; Gladys, Walter, John and Bailie. There was also Archibald Frederick, Hazel Lilian and Wilfred Austen who died in infancy. Mary Jane died in 1932 and is buried in Waikumete cemetary.

George Austen was born 8th June 1864 in Invercargill. In 1888 he married Elizabeth Nolan. I have found 4 offspring for them Stanley George (he went off to the first World War in 1917); Albert Edward, Pansy Ellen and Alfred Nolan who died in infancy. George and Elizabeth are buried in Waikumete cemetary.

William Austen was born 26th November 1866 in Onehunga. He died in 1911 and although his death certificate suggests he married "Kate" when he was 24 they do not seem to have had any children.

Annie Austen was born 22nd June 1870 in Onehunga. (I have no other information at present.)

Caroline (Carrie) Austen was born 26th September 1872 in Onehunga. She married Arthur Henry Postlewaight in 1892. I have found Sydney Francis (he went off to WW1 in October 1914); Alfred John (he went off to WW1 in April 1915); Lawrence Henry (he went off to WW1 in August 1916); Reginald Mafeking and Gladys Rose. Ivy May, Albert Morris and Evelyn all died in infancy. Carrie died at age 35 in 1908 of puerperal septicaemia (childbirth feaver). She and Arthur are buried in Waikumete Cemetary.

Elizabeth Keziah Austen was born 24th September 1876 in Beach Road Thames.(I have no other information at present.)

Alfred Edward Austen was born 30th September 1879 in Eden Crescent, Auckland. He married Minnie Rose Mackie in 1900. They had Albert Claude and Dorothy, baby George Henry died in 1902. Alfred died in 1957 his ashes are scattered at Waikumete.

Joseph Austen was born 6th June 1881 in Victoria St West, Auckland. In 1906 he married Agnes Florence Smithson. His death notice lists children - Bruce, Nellie and Peggy. Joseph died in 1951. He and Agnes are buried in Waikumete.

Arthur Wellesley Austen was born 22nd March 1885 in Cook St, Auckland. He married Elsie Annie Wheeler in 1915. They had three children Sydney, Rhona and Mervyn Arthur. Arthur died in 1958 and his ashes are scatterd in Waikumete.

All of his children were alive when Captain John dies in 1899.