Friday, September 3, 2010


John James Austen never married nor had children. He died very suddenly of pneumonia. I wonder if there was a 'flu epidemic in 1898? A bit sad really.
The other mystery is Annie Austen she married Agustus Sergins in 1891, according to the marriage certificate he was born in Portigal [sic] Portugal?. The spelling is all over the place in this certificate and it is frustrating because I can find no records - birth or death for Sergins.
And another one is Stanley George Austen, the son of George Austen (Captain John's third child) Stanley was born in 1889 and went off to the first World War on the 16th October in 1914. He is not listed in the casualties but I can find no records of a marriage, births or death. George's will lists three children only so Stanley must have died before him but where and when is a mystery.
The easy stuff has been found now it is just the tricky bits!