Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A sea-faring family

This is a record of a voyage on the Sussex Lass in 1847 - on board were 3 members of the Austen family - father and two sons.
John Austen snr. aged 54 is described as "Mate" - he left the ship "hurt" on 22 November 1847 in Rye.
John Austen jnr. aged 24 is described as "seaman" - he was discharged from the ship on the 31st Dec 1847 in Rye.
George Austen aged 28 is described as "mate" and he left the ship on the 31st Dec 1847 in Rye.

John's last English journey (we have a record for) is arriving in London on the Maderia Pet on the 6th January 1854.
On the 11th May 1855 John purchased a 32nd share in the schooner Christina in Auckland, New Zealand.
We don't yet know how he got to New Zealand.